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What is a Slingbox?

Get to know the technology behind our amazing UK TV service

Placeshift technology is the key to delivering our high resolution images all across the world.

A Slingbox is a placeshift device developed and manufactured by Sling Media that encodes the video from an external source such as a cable box, satellite receiver or Bluray/DVD player into a format for streaming over the internet.

Using freely available PC, Mac and tablet software or Slingcatcher hardware, the video encoding and source device can both be operated and controlled remotely over the internet. So channels can be switched, recordings can be set up and played back remotely from any location in the world, as long as the user has internet connectivity.

What this effectively does is allows anyone to take their TV with them, without having to move all the hardware and cables. So for example; if someone from Britain has a Freeview set top box at home, by connecting a Slingbox to the Freeview box and hooking the Slingbox up to the internet, they can stream those images over the internet whilst they are away on vacation, on business or simply travelling abroad and enjoy British TV on a laptop, iPad or smartphone that is internet connected via broadband.

The Slingbox is hugely popular with British ex-patriots!

It's no great secret that Brits love their TV. All around the world, many ex-pats enjoy UK TV simply by using Sling technology. It has become a very popular way for them to keep in touch with news, current affairs, TV shows and of course their all important sports teams.

In many cases, it has become big business, with many pubs and bars aimed at ex-pats getting systems that beam UK TV, sports events and more to keep the ex-pat community happy.

Getting the right set-up is crucial

However, any form of video streaming that involves technology being connected and configured from two very separate and invariably very distant locations, requires a lot of technical knowledge and support. Like any internet based streaming technology, Slingboxes require a very fast broadband connection and a reliable upstream.

In most cases, home broadband is too slow to stream images of any watchable quality and thus, it is best to deal with a company that has a dedicated datacentre with super fast internet connectivity in place to host and maintain your sling. here at UKTV2C, we house all of our Sling systems in a climate controlled, internet enabled datacenter that boasts extremely fast connection speeds.

Our team of support engineers monitor and maintain numerous systems on a daily basis to ensure each and every customer enjoys uninterrupted television streams to their location whether they are in Europe, America, Australia, Asia or Timbuktu!

To get the very best picture, you need to very best stream possible and UKTV2C provide super fast streams that deliver near HD quality; meaning you get to enjoy UK TV as it should be.

Making the right choice for you!

It's true that there are a few other ways to watch TV rather than just using a Sling system. Of course, the iPlayer websites are all freely available, although they require a UK VPN system and the choice of TV on offer is limited. However, the beauty of a Slingbox system is you have total control!

It is much closer to having a UK TV set up like you did back home and with a small investment in a set top SlingCatcher box, you can plug your UK TV straight into your TV whilst abroad, and enjoy your favourite shows as though you were sat back home in your lounge in the UK.

If you are still considering getting UK TV but are unsure of which system is best for you, talk to our friendly support team and we'll be happy to advise on what kind of system you need to satisfy your appetite for UK TV abroad.