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How to watch Top Gear abroad

A guide to catching your favourite TV petrol heads anywhere!

Left the UK but still want to catch Jeremy Clarkson and co?

Believe it or not but Top Gear has been on British TV screens since 1977. This fanatically popular television show has gone through many transformations over the years; most notably in 2002 when the show went through a major 'reboot' with the bulk of the mainstay presenters leaving only for long-time presenter Jeremy Clarkson to remain at the helm alongside new recruits Richard Hammond and James May; and of course their mysterious, unidentified test driver The Stig.

Top Gear is now bigger and better than ever

Reaching over 350 million views per week in 170 different countries

Top Gear is a truly international phenomenon. Since the changed format, the show attracts and maintains audiences across the globe. It's fair to say that the show is no longer about serious car reviews and opinion but is now more about petrol-headed entertainment and at times; controversy and political incorrectness. But hey, we love it!

Let's face it - there's plenty of car review magazines out there to educate and inform us but with Channel Five's "Fifth Gear' which bares a very close resemblance to the old Top Gear format, who needs it? At times the show can be ridiculous and very childish but always hilarious. And with viewing figures like those previously mentioned, who can argue that it's not a winning formula, now passing twenty highly successful series to date?

Catch Top Gear on BBC iPlayer

See Clarkson, Hammond and May live or on-demand

Watching Top Gear is very simple if you own a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. If you live abroad, access to BBC iPlayer is usually blocked however, by using our super-fast, dedicated VPN system, that's no longer a problem.

This simple yet effective little piece of software allows you to access the on-demand websites as it gives your device a UK based IP address, meaning websites like BBC iPlayer believe you are viewing their content from within the UK. So hey presto, suddenly all of that amazing content is freely available to watch whenever you want!

As a bonus you will also be able to access the other on-demand services such as ITV Player, 4oD and Demand Five. So one VPN system opens a doorway to tons of great UK TV content.

Want access to even more UK TV than ever?

Watch, record and pause Top Gear as and when you like!

For the more demanding TV viewer, our Slingbox systems are just the ticket!

Every one of our  Slingbox packages give you full access to a regular set-top Freeview or Freesat. Once you log on, you can control your box just as you were back home in your lounge in the UK. Change channels, program recordings and play back recordings of Top Gear as and when you like. Take your viewing pleasure to the next level by connecting your computer to your TV or better still, purchase a Slingcatcher and use our system on your telly.

So whatever your TV viewing demands are, we have a solution to satisfy your needs.

Get great service from the world's best provider!

Streaming the very best pictures and sound, direct to you.

There's many ways to watch Top Gear abroad. And with a dedicated Slingbox or VPN package from UKTV2C, you'll get the best possible images and audio with no interruptions - just pure Top Gear heaven!

We pride ourselves on supplying only the best possible service and care for our customers so if you want to start watching UK TV again, choose us first!