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How to watch The Apprentice (UK) abroad

A guide to watching Lord Sugar's Apprentice Show anywhere!

Live outside the UK but still want to watch The Apprentice every week?

Since 2005, The Apprentice on BBC has been must see television. Each year, millions tune in to watch aspiring young businessmen and women compete for the chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the British business magnate Lord Sugar.

As with any reality TV show, the journey for some is never straightforward with many contestants struggling to cope under the intense pressure of each weekly business task, with only the strongest and most ruthless surviving the process. Each week, the contestants split into two teams that must compete and win business tasks, usually based on sales, efficiency and profitability. The losing team then has the unenviable task of deciding which three are the weakest links, set for the final boardroom dressing down at which point Lord Sugar decides to fire one and send them packing until only one is left in the series finale.

Tune in to see who Lord Sugar fires every week!

Find out who can triumph in the job interview from hell.

Regardless of what some people may believe, contestants have to go through a series of auditions and tests before they even reach the show!

Open auditions and interviews take place across the UK before the series begins, and these attract thousands of applicants. They are then whittled down to approximately seventy five candidates, who are called back for a second round in London to be assessed in groups, taking part in various exercises to test their business skills and how they operate as a team.

After this process, around twenty to thirty candidates are psychologically assessed, followed by stringent reference checks before finally making the cut for the select group that forms the final line-up.

Based on past series, one has to wonder if business skills or attractiveness are the main criteria for successful candidates. Previous series have suggested that Lord Sugar was not privy to any of the candidates full business plans until the latter stages of the process, thus making the audition process a bit of a farce. Yet the majority of past candidates all shared certain physical or character traits that made good television but not necessarily good business partners.

Suffice to say, this hasn't put off viewers who return to the show each year to follow the arrogance, buffoonery and sheer cut-throat mentality of the budding apprentices wanting to be Lord Sugar's next lap dog.

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