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How to watch Emmerdale abroad

A guide to catching all the drama from the Yorkshire Dales!

As Brit who's moved to foreign shores, do you miss your daily dose of Emmerdale on ITV?

What is it about the British that we love soap opera's so much? Perhaps we're a nation of gossip queens! Who knows but one of the most treasured soaps is Emmerdale; now having been a mainstay on UK TV since 1972 and still going strong.

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Living abroad shouldn't stop you watching all your favourite soaps!

With a hugely loyal audience going back to the seventies when the show used to be a daytime ritual, 'Emmerdale Farm' as it was once called, was very popular with housewives and the retired. Now as a prime time evening show, Emmerdale has a bigger audience than ever before and is fully regarded as a 'grown up' soap as the years have gone by, standing side-by-side with it's nearest rivals Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Arguably Emmerdale is far less serious and somber than some of it's contemporaries which is one of the reasons for it's popularity. It never took itself too seriously and thus, life in the quaint Yorkshire village was always lower key and less dramatic than in the south in Albert Square for example.

Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped the show from attracting regular audiences of around 6 million plus viewers each week. Clearly the format of the show resonates with a big audience and on many occasions, has knocked the likes of Eastenders and Coronation Street off the top spot when it comes to viewing figures. Impressive indeed!

There's lots of ways to watch Emmerdale whilst you're abroad

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It's simple. You can watch Emmerdale just like you did back in the UK. Thanks to the introduction of faster broadband internet, we can supply you with a system that meets your viewing demands and won't break the bank!

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Your current timezone does not affect the service either  as these stations can all be watched live or on-demand. So wherever you live, you can log onto our UK VPN and watch Emmerdale whenever it suits you. Our service is available 24/7, 365 days of the year so it's right there when you need it!

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If watching UK TV on a computer or tablet is not ideal or practical, then you may want to take a look at our Slingbox systems. We have just the perfect solution that costs a few extra pennies but is well worth it!

Our Slingbox packages give you full access to a regular set-top Freeview or Freesat. Once logged on, you can control your box just as you were sat back home in your lounge in the UK. Yes, you can even change channels, program recordings and play back recordings as and when you like. You can even take your viewing pleasure one step further by connecting your computer to your TV or better still, purchase a Slingcatcher and use our system on your telly.

So you see there's a whole host of ways to get your daily dose of Emmerdale whilst abroad. And with a dedicated Slingbox or VPN package from UKTV2C, you'll get the best possible images and audio with no interruptions - just pure soap heaven!

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