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How to watch Eastenders abroad

A guide to catching all the drama from Albert Square!

So you now live far flung from Britain but still crave your daily dose of soap opera action right?

Brits love their soap operas and since the early days of television, we have literally been glued to the box on a daily ritual basis to keep up with the fictional lives of characters on the small screen. One of the UK's longest running soaps is Eastenders; averaging six to eight million viewers per week. Some pretty staggering figures!

Continue to enjoy your daily dose

Don't stop just because you live abroad, watch all your soaps with us!

With a massively loyal following going back to the mid-nineteen eighties, Eastenders is regarded as a national treasure. Some might argue it is an institution but one thing all fans can agree on is it's addictive qualities. At times it's not the happiest of shows, especially having had an infamous run of sombre and downright miserable Christmas specials over the years; but fans keep coming back for more!

Who can forget the famous battles between Angie and Den, the trials and tribulations between the Mitchell brothers, the love struggles between Kat and Alfie or the many surprise returns to the Square by characters such as Sharon Watts, Bianca Jackson, Nick Cotton or David Wicks? Even the actors can't stay away!

Once it's in the blood, it stays for good so why deny yourself the joy of watching your favourite soap opera like old times? A system supplied by UKTV2C can bring all those memories flooding back again.

There's many ways to enjoy Eastenders whilst living abroad

Find a UK TV package that's right for you!

You can watch Eastenders just like you did back home. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can provide you with a solution that meets your viewing demands and suits your bank balance too!

The simplest and most economical option is to purchase our UK VPN bundle which will give access to all the terrestrial UK TV channels including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and many more via the iPlayer sites. You can watch the shows on a regular PC or Mac. For those with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, we also have a specialist VPN system that works on those gadgets too - perfect!

It doesn't matter what time zone you live in as these stations can all be watched live or on-demand. So even if you live on the other side of the world, you can log onto our UK VPN and watch Eastenders when it suits you. Our service is available 24/7, 365 days of the year so it's right there when you need it!

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Streaming the ultimate picture and sound quality, direct to you.

If watching TV shows on a computer or handheld device is not for you or is simply impractical, you may want something a little more upmarket and fancy. We have just the perfect solution for you. It costs a few extra pennies but it is worth it!

Our Slingbox systems give you full access to a regular set-top Freeview or Freesat box. Once you log on, you can control your box just as if it were set-up in your lounge back home in the UK. So you can easily change channels, set-up recordings and play back recordings as and when you choose. You could even go the extra mile to make your viewing pleasure the best possible by either hooking up your computer to your TV or purchase a Slingcatcher and use our system on your telly. How good is that?

So you see there's a whole host of ways to get your daily dose of Eastenders whilst abroad. And with a professional Slingbox or VPN package from UKTV2C, you'll get the best possible images and audio with no interruptions - just pure soap heaven!

We pride ourselves on supplying only the best possible service and care for our customers so if you want to start watching UK TV again, choose us over anyone else!