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Autumn UK television entertainment swings back in action

We’re just a matter of days away from October now and as the Autumn days set in, in the United Kingdom, so does the return of many of our favourites to the television screens to keep us entertained during the colder and darker months ahead. If you haven’t already noticed, here’s the pick of the bunch of just some of the shows that you may have either forgotten got under way or are set to return soon that you may have just forgotten about:

Downton Abbey

It’s no great secret that this series will be the very last season that the Grantham family airs on our screens. With season six comes a number of stories and subplots that we are waiting to finally get wrapped up. Now two episodes in, there’s the small mater of whether Mrs Hughes should agree to have her wedding at Downton Abbey amongst a number of story lines that include love, tragedy and some small doses of disaster.

As the cast recently stated in a trailer for ITV about this final outing, “there’ll be tears and laughter but like a good meal, you’ll be satisfied”. You can see for yourself in the video below.

Strictly Come Dancing

It’s only just started as Week 1 of Strictly aired this past weekend so no eliminations… yet! But already, we got a glimpse of who has the natural gift for the dance floor and those who need a little bit more work behind the scenes. Amongst this year’s celebs, it came as no surprise that Peter André took to the stage like a duck to water. With his background in pop music and live choreographed dance routines, getting back into the swing was without question a natural process for him and already, he’s one of the favourites to last until the end.

Other notable acts were Georgia may Foote, Jay McGuiness, Katie Durham and Anita Rani whilst it became abundantly clear that Carol Kirkwood, Jeremy Vine and Kirsty FGallagher may be goign back to thei rday jobs quite soon if their dances do not improve.

All round however, it was the usual good natured, fun entertainment and Strictly will be back on our screen this coming weekend on the BBC.

The X Factor

Now in it’s 12th season unbelievably, Simon Cowell is back with a new judging panel of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (formerly Cole), Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora. Rumour has it that this year’s show is flagging in the ratings and there could be some shake ups to come to get fans to return to the long established show. What hasn’t changed is the sheer level of willing participants who crave the limelight of stardom.

Now already into Week 9, we’ve gone past the fun part – the auditions and now it’s getting to the serious stage of the show. So if you want to catch up with who’s got the nod or not, tune into ITV this coming weekend.

The Great British Bake Off

For those who like to watch their calories rather than eat them, fans of baking will be happy to see the return of Mel and Sue for a sixth outing on BBC. With the final just around the corner on October 7th, 2015 you’ll have to move quickly to catch up with who’s through and who’s been eliminated before they crown this year’s champion.

The bookies have suspended all betting after a run of big money bets were placed on one particular contestant which led to suspicion that the winner’s name had been leaked. Some people just want to have their cake and eat it!

Britain’s Biggest Adventures

If you’re not a foodie but more of an adrenaline junkie, then perhaps Bear Grylls final episode in the series will get your blood pumping as he treks around Britain in some extremely dangerous and tough conditions. Tonight, he concludes his wildlife expeditions in Scotland, home to Britain’s most remote and extreme landscapes. He canoes the rapids of glacial valleys to find freshwater pearl mussels, travels by dog-sled through the ancient Caledonian forests to meet conservationists, and skis the Cairngorms to observe reindeer.

The piece de resistance however, is when he scales the treacherous Aonach Morto to discover how the mighty Scottish mountains came to be formed 400 million years ago.

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