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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Anyone for the new tennis season?

Nadal vs Djokovic

The big Rolland Garros showdown

Anyone who knows tennis will be well aware that today could signal a huge tectonic shift in mens tennis, as defending French Open Champion Rafael Nadal faces the in-form and seamingly unbeatable World Number 1 Novak Djokovic in Paris, in what would normally be a hugely anticipated final; yet this is just a last-eight quarter final match!

Due to some recent indifferent form on the dirt, Nadal has surprisingly not won a single clay court tournament this year and heads into the match ranked 7 in the ATP race, hence the earlier round meeting. Djokovic on the other hand, has looked imperious, having recently won both ATP 1000 Masters Tournaments in Monte Carlo and Rome, making him the outstanding leader in world tennis.

Yet with a record 9 French Open titles and 70 wins to just one solitary defeat in his lifetime, Nadal is still seen as the favourite by many pundits and tennis pros.

All we know is, a lot hinges on this match. If Nadal wins, he will cement his place as the undisputed King of Clay. Lose and it could spell the end of a glorious era for the Spaniard and the inevitable completion of the personal slam for the Serb, by completing his set of Grand Slam titles in professional tennis.

No one can predict the outcome so all we suggest is you tune into ITV4 this afternoon for what will be a pulsating and gruelling battle between two greats of the modern game. Get on your most comfy armchair as it could be a long one.

The football season ends… as does Blatter’s FIFA reign

As the domestic football season wraps up, we now have just the UEFA Champions League final to look forward to this coming weekend between Barcelona and Juventus at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, before it’s all over for another year.

This week has been a hugely controversial and tumultuous period for the beautiful game, as numerous senior figures within footballs international governing body FIFA, have been arrested on serious corruption charges; thus leading to yesterday’s sensational resignation announcement by recently re-elected head Sepp Blatter.

In truth, neither story was a great surprise to anyone who follows football. FIFA has been shrouded in controversy for years yet Blatter’s ability to dodge criticism and blame has made many believe his is made of teflon. Not anymore. Due to a US-led investigation by the FBI and IRS, many of FIFA’s senior representatives could be going from their ivory towers straight to jail in the very near future. Football’s international image couldn’t be worse and yet these recent events were long overdue!

If football is to ever regain any respect on the global stage, FIFA needs to either be dismantled or completely rebuilt. The future of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups appear to be in serious jeopardy as the awarding of both tournaments to Russia and Qatar respectively, were seemingly agreed due to the exchange of millions of pounds in bribes, all now apparently traced and directly connected to those at the very top of the FIFA hierarchy. Again, no great surprise considering the numerous accusations of corruption over the years but this time, it appears the evidence and proof of wrongdoing is overwhelming.

So let’s just hope that two of football’s great international names can put on a great spectacle in Berlin, to end a sorry week for the sport and draw a positive line under what could be the beginning of a new era in world football. You can catch the match live on ITV1 this Saturday, 6th June from 7:00pm.

Game of Thrones Season 5 is coming to a head

With just two episodes left of the current run of the hugely popular fantasy epic, the story has suddenly sprung to life in what has been a slightly pedestrian and slower paced series thus far.

We expected to see a much greater emergence for the likes of characters such as Arya and Sansa Stark, the latter who was recently forcibly wed to the wicked and twisted Ramsey Bolton, yet it appears the main crescendo will be the seemingly unwinnable war between the White Walkers and the Crows, allied with the Wildlings in a battle between the living and the dead, north of the wall.

The latest episode was undoubtedly one of the best yet this series and with the recent meetings of minds between Daenerys and Tyrion, we may start to see how the battle for the iron throne will shape up. Season 5 has undoubtedly been a period where the scene is set for things to come and with many more books and television adaptations waiting around the corner, fans will just have to be a little more patient to find out the fate of the many foes including Cersei Lannister, brother and lover Jamie, as well as their recently wed son and King.

The story feels like it is ready to erupt. Daenerys Targaryen has her dragons. The Wildlings have their giants and Cersei has her Frankenstein-style experiments ready to unleash on anyone who dare challenge house Lannister. Somethign is brewing and it is about to explode.

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