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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Get ready for a new season of Formula 1

F1 returns to our screens in one week!

It only seems like yesterday that Lewis Hamilton was holding aloft the FIA Formula One World Championship trophy along with the BBC Sports Personality Award for 2014 shortly afterwards, yet in just seven days from today, the racing begins all over again in Melbourne, Australia on Friday 13th, March; as Lewis bids to retain his title. With the first practice session followed by qualifying the next day and the first race of the season getting off the mark on Sunday, 15th March 2015, it’s without doubt going to be an exciting season ahead.

As many had predicted, it appears that Constructors Champions and Hamilton’s current team Mercedes, are expected to be the one’s to beat, showing commanding form. Pre-season testing has shown the German outfit to still have the best set up, with lap times by the silver arrows looking impressive. Teammate and arch rival Nico Rosberg has most notably shown awesome pace which can only signal a return to the head-to-head battle seen last season. Bring it on!

Pre-season testing however, hasn’t been plain sailing for other teams. McLaren, now bed fellows with Honda, have recently welcomed the return of double World Champion Fernando Alonso who had what now appears to be a horror crash during testing that has put him out of the first race of the season.

There’s been numerous conflicting reports about the speed of Alonso’s accident, which led to his head injuries and subsequent hospitalisation. All we know is the incident occurred on the exit of turn three at the Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya.

Alonso’s lap prior to the accident was the fastest he had done that day. On the subsequent lap, the crash lap, he brakes deeper into turn one, and goes wide as a result.

That indicates a different line through the kink of turn two, from where he took a wider entry and potentially faster line into turn three. Alonso entered turn three noticeably faster than on the previous lap and although it is hard to be absolutely sure of the difference, it is in the region of 5-7km/h, and in racing terms, that is a significant amount.

Let’s hope that he makes a full recovery soon as his return to McLaren was expected to be a return to the glory days at the British F1 racing team with arguably, the most talented driver in the current F1 crop.

A new season means new cars

As with previous years, all of the racing teams have not only been working hard to improve the speed and performance of their cars, but have also been hard at work securing lucrative sponsorship deals to help fund their racing season. This has led to some very interesting and eye-catching changes to some of the cars we’ll be seeing on this year’s starting grid.

The most notable change is this year’s Red Bull car which looks like a zebra crossed with a sports car. Gone is the distinct purple and red emblazoned across the fibreglass and instead, they have gone with a distinct black and white graphic that will take some getting used to. Red Bull’s other team Toro Rosso have however, stuck with a more recognisable colour palette and will be easy to spot amongst the cars parading around Melbourne Park next weekend.

If you want to see how your favourite racing team will appear this season, you can see a complete slideshow of this years cars over at the BBC website.

How and where will you be watching?

With just a week to go, there’s not a great deal of time left to ensure you’re ready and set for the new season ahead. What are you waiting for?

Like previous years, all of the races will be shown live on Sky Sports F1, with pre and post race coverage, insight and analysis being the order of the day. No one can argue that Sky’s coverage of Formula One has been nothing short of groundbreaking and with a commentary and punditry team that is the envy of the world, it’s hard to resist wanting to see the action on the premium satellite network.

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