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Monthly Archives: October 2013

As Autumn falls there’s still plenty to watch on UK TV

The strangest month of sport

This past month has for the most part, been very out of the ordinary when it comes to sport. The biggest story was the big fight that never was… David Haye infamously postpones his highly anticipated fight with Tyson Fury at the eleventh hour due to a cut eye received during sparring practice; leaving ticket holders and pay-per-view boxing fans fuming!

Now one could argue that this is putting safety first but most pro’s in the game are questioning what on earth ‘The Hayemaker’ was doing sparring with top level boxers with no head guard so close to a major boxing bout that could lead to a World Championship fight. Only Haye knows but sure as anything, boxing fans are not impressed by this latest twist in Haye’s already shaky career and this only goes to further tarnish his flagging popularity and reputation.

Are we witnessing a sea-change in Premier League football?

Many experts and sporting pundits are yet to be fully convinced but most would argue that the Premier League table has a very unfamiliar look to it this season. With the surprise results of late seeing champions Manchester United get beat on three occasions already, noisy neighbours Manchester City also looking unconvincing and Chelsea just taking their time to get up to full steam; the door has swung wide open for the likes of Liverpool and even more surprising, Southampton to crash the top four party.

Of course, it is still early days but even with just seven games played and an international break to come, here at UKTV2C we’re convinced that this season still has many twists and turns to come and confidently predict that at least one of the so-called “top four” will not make the cut this season. Who will it be? We have an inkling but let’s see what transpires over the next few months…

It’s business as usual on the track

F1 fans could be forgiven for suggesting that this season’s drivers championship is all but over. With a handful of races left, Vettel simply keeps performing. His consistency and winning mentality looks set to make him one of the greatest drivers in history and with title number four well within his sights, who’s to say that Michael Schumacher’s record could be under serious threat if he continues this run of form.

For us fans, it’s a little predictable and even Lewis Hamilton recently suggested that F1 is becoming boring with the same results week after week. Sour grapes or gamesmanship, who knows? But all we can say is that it is up to the other teams to step up their games and give the likes of Lewis and co the cars they need to make Formula One racing exciting again!

So what else is on the box?

Aside form the usual sport, there’s a ton of great shows and movies coming this season to Sky so mark your diaries for a few belters when it comes to drama from across the pond. Don’t miss the smash hit series ‘The Newsroom’, made by Oscar-winning Aaron Sorkin. A gripping drama set behind the scenes of the highly-rated News Night, on the fictional cable network ACN.

The hugely popular ‘Game of Thrones’ is back on our screen and as brilliant as ever. A show this good doesn’t need any introductions. Another show also worth checking out on Sky Atlantic HD is ‘The Wire’; an American television crime drama series set and produced in and around Baltimore.

So the nights might be getting a little darker and colder but we’re pretty sure there’s plenty on UK TV to brighten your days. Check back soon for more blog updates.